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Crown treatments in Bangor

Why Crowns?

Broken back teeth.

If you have spent more than your fair share of time in a dental chair you have probably cracked a tooth, or two, or more.  If you can see more filling than tooth, chances are you are likely to break that tooth.  Broken teeth can be frustrating.  You can guarantee that a heavily filled tooth will break at the most inopportune moment.  (We are fairly sure they can sense Christmas and holiday times).

Broken back teeth or heavily filled teeth are best restored with crowns sometimes known as caps.  They cover the chewing surface of the tooth to protect it from undue force.  Here, we most commonly use metal free reinforced porcelain crowns.  These provide a very strong crown with the added bonus of vastly improving the appearance of the tooth.

Stained, filled or irregular front teeth

If you have several old, stained or irregular fillings on your front teeth, fresh porcelain crowns can hide a multitude and get your confidence to smile back.  Our newest crowns are very life like.  People should notice your fabulous teeth, not your fabulous crowns.

Older crowns and black lines along the gumline.

Older crowns can still get you down.  Older style crowns had metal underneath to reinforce the porcelain.  That meant that crowns were quite opaque in the past and just not as natural looking as they are now.  Over the years our bodies change and gum lines are no different.  Older crowns are more apparent as the gum moves back showing that tell tale black tide line.  Our beautiful modern crowns can restore the full glory of your smile.

Broken tooth with just a stump left

We see lots of people who come in with no hope of being able to keep their tooth because so little is left.  Teeth that you might assume disastrous can often be restored by using a post under the crown.  Don’t give up hope, just give us a call and we’ll run through your options.

Before crown treatment

After crown treatments


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