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Dental Therapy in northern ireland

We are lucky enough to have one of Northern Ireland’s very few dental therapists working with us. 

Although a dental therapist performs fillings for adult teeth plus root treatments and extractions for baby teeth, Leigh’s main focus is preventing cavities and gum disease, especially in patients identified as being higher at risk.

So who is high risk?

Even though your diet and hygiene might be good, subtle changes in your general health and medications can have huge effects on your oral health.

Do you bring a glass of water to bed?

Medications for high blood pressure and stress or pain, having certain types of arthritis and smoking all put you at risk of a decrease in your salivary flow (dry mouth) and at much greater risk of cavities and gum disease than you previously had.

Are you diabetic?

Most diabetic patients understand the importance of looking after their feet and eyes, but are you aware that people with diabetes are prone to mouth problems? If you have diabetes, you are at special risk of infection of the gum and bone that holds teeth in place (periodontal disease). Because of their increased risk, people with diabetes should visit the dental practice more regularly.


Certain osteoporosis medications require extra special care of teeth to prevent future extractions and infection.  We will show you how.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Our therapist works with local doctors surgeries to promote oral health as an important part of overall health.


Investing in implants is like investing in a car.  They need to be maintained and serviced.  We will show you what to do and what not to do.

Tailor Made Dental Care

Your mouth is as individual as you are. 

There seem to be so many dental adverts on TV that it is hard to know what’s what.  We can help work out a realistic tailor made home care plan to reduce your time in the dental chair.

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