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Hygiene Treatment in northern ireland

Clean, beautiful teeth, healthy gums and reliably fresh breath, it’s what we all aspire to.

 A healthy mouth helps us look and feel good in the company of others.  Tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and stubborn plaque build up means that sometimes we need a little helping hand to achieve a polished, healthy look.

Accessibility to dental care is important to us here at brunswick Dental.  Our professional Hygiene Team can treat you without requiring an initial assessment by a dentist.  So you don’t need to be registered with us, or even to have a local address.  Even if you are just visiting Bangor, the Hygiene Team at brunswick can ensure that you are looking and feeling your best for any important business meeting or social function. 

As well as gentle cleaning and polishing we can offer simple practical advice that is tailored for you.

Hygiene Treatment Menu

£47Classic Clean (Cleaning and Polishing)                 

Hygiene treatment that not only polishes to a great shine, but also removes harmful plaque and stubborn calculus, freshens breath and leaves your teeth looking and feeling great. 

£27Smile and Glo                                                           

A great shine if you are short on time.  In-between-treatment polishing that restores your smile and takes only 15 minutes from your busy diary.

£62Perio Medi – Periodontal Support                         

For those with recognized gum problems, family history of gum problems or added health problems relating to gum health, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  Here we concentrate on treating your oral heath to maximize your overall health.

£97Perio Medi-Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy                     

Patients have a full assessment followed by a tailored plan to improve oral health over the longer term.  Our Therapist also accepts referrals from other practices and medical referrals.

£59Sensitive Cleaning                           

Not everyone finds regular hygiene treatments easy, and it can be frustrating for those who really want to maintain their health but are cursed by debilitating tooth sensitivity.  We have air polishing and sensitivity treatments available and are able to treat even the most sensitive teeth.  Our needle free injection system is very popular and the aim is to reduce the sensitivity day to day and we can advise on the most suitable products to do this.

£99Sinner’s Makeover               

Recommended for smokers, lovers of good wine and great coffee, the Sinners Makeover is ideal to make a big change in your confidence quickly.  It takes a little longer, but the results are fabulous.

£62Kids Hygiene 

Learning to care for your teeth is so important in life, but how many parents can confidently teach their child the correct way to brush?  We have a program at brunswick Dental run by our Dental Therapist, Coach Leigh Hunter, to improve our children’s oral health and promote a healthy lifestyle in a way that can benefit them throughout their adult life.

£39Ortho Hygiene          

It seems so unfair that the most risky period for dental health in young people often coincides with the obstacle course that is fixed braces.  Keeping your mouth healthy is rarely more important than when you have braces in your mouth.  We can provide hygiene and fluoride applications during these times to cut risk and save money on costly cavities later.

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You don’t need to be registered with us, or even to have a local address to visit our hygiene team.

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