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Dental Implants in northern ireland

When you have a missing tooth or teeth, the gap is only half the problem.  As soon as a tooth is lost, the bone around it starts to waste away. 

Bridgework isn't always an option and although they can look convincing, dentures aren't for everyone.  Having an implant placed is the closest thing available to having your own tooth back.  Our experienced implant team can place implants for just one missing tooth, larger gaps or to replace full dentures.  

So, what is an implant? 

A ‘tooth implant’, or dental implant is a piece of titanium surgically embedded in the jawbone, onto which teeth can be attached.  It is a little like a very, very high tech Rawlplug where the jawbones are the walls.  Because the implant is made of titanium, the body thinks it is part of you and regrows bone all around it making it really stable.  We can then use that stable base to replace a single tooth, or help replace multiple teeth or the entire set.

Although it is a surgical procedure, lots of people say that having an implant placed is much easier than having a tooth removed.  If you have been thinking about implants for a while, get in touch.  You might want to book in for a free initial consultation.  We have lots of information available to help you decide on the best path for you and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  download our patient information brochure now

To help you consider your options, why not download our information brochure on implants?

Implants take planning.  When we design our treatment plan at brunswick Dental we try to envisage how things will look in 5 years time, then ten years time, then further again.  It is a really sensible approach.  Although we consider your medical history, you may be surprised to learn that there are very few situations where implants cannot be done as long as the foundations are in good order.

You won't be rushed into decision making here. 

Our aim here is to help you make informed choices about what is best for you.  Investing in your mouth is a little like investing in your house.  There is no fixed answer that fits all.  You are an individual - the success of implants is completely dependent on having a personal, tailor made treatment plan that suits you.  With our dental finance solutions an implant can cost from as little as £52 per month, fully restored.  Losing a tooth or teeth may have knocked your confidence, but is not the end of the world and a new smile needn't be out of your reach. Get started on the road to health. 

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