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Dental sedation in northern ireland

You don’t have to be a hero.

We have heard the stories and understand that dental treatment used to be scary.  Time has moved on.  For the many of you that have had bad experiences in the past, until you get your confidence back, having any sort of dental treatment carried out can seem daunting. 

Good news!

You don't have to be a hero any more!  Treatment can be carried out under IV sedation, sometimes known as Twilight Sleep.  Although many surgical practices only provide extractions under sedation, brunswick Dental Practice can also offer sedation for routine treatment such as fillings and root fillings, crowns and bridges. 

What happens first?

You will need an assessment first where we will check that sedation is right for you, and explain dental sedation and the treatment you will need. You will get helpful advice on preparing for your sedation appointment and what to expect afterwards.  OK - get out from behind the sofa!  You have no excuses now!

Rest and relax after sedation

Sedation, as you might expect, leaves you tired, so you'll want to have a restful day afterwards.  After your treatment we have a very comfortable rest room available for you to relax in before a friend or family member escorts you home.  You'll need to take it easy afterwards and aren't allowed to drive, operate machinery or be responsible for anyone else.  It isn't appropriate to make important or financial decisions either after dental sedation so enforced “me time” is important.


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