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Facial fillers & Wrinkle relaxants in northern ireland

Facial wrinkles appear when we least expect them or want them and sometimes in places you never thought possible.

Other people may not even have noticed them but you have seen those facial wrinkles first hand, so you know they are there! 

Truth is the facial lines and folds you see appearing are probably niggling at you or you could have been seeking the magic elixir of life for a while.  You have quite possibly tried creams and potions in search of a more youthful appearance, hoping to regain a more youthful look.

Fine lines and facial wrinkles are not confined to people of a pre-determined age but can be the by-product of your lifestyle, eating habits, genetics, climate, skin type etc.  Understanding what additional personal triggers you have that could affect the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles also means you will have the advantage of taking the best corrective action to achieve maximum effect too.

A change in skin elasticity can lead to a deepening of facial wrinkles and laughter lines.  At brunswick Dental we can help with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants carried out in a carefully regulated, clinical environment.  With any treatment, it is important that decisions are informed choices.  With her professional knowledge of facial anatomy Dr Fiona Prue provides a free initial consultation and can answer questions and give appropriate advice.  As would be expected from the clinical environment, treatments are always carried out with appropriate anaesthesia.

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